Sunday, May 17, 2009

OK, here's some of the stuff that has kept me busy the past few months: I've done 3 letterpressed record jackets for the band ELEH on Important Records. Each are metallic ink on black. I forget how many of each, and which color combos each run was, but here's some pics I had kicking around.
I also did a ton of promo posters in a few sizes for OCEAN's "Pantheon of the Lesser" release. My arm was still broken then (oh ya, I broke my arm last fall) so Candy did a lot the actual printing, Thank you, friend!
I also did a couple of oversized posters for local Ocean shows. Dig the pics.
Around Christmas I did the annual Shopa Do sale at Space Gallery here in Portland, I shared a booth with Martha from Strong Arm Bindery, per usual. I got more stuff to post soon, so stayed tuned, friends!

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