Friday, May 22, 2009

Fun with wooden type

Yesterday I dipped deep into the type library to do a short run of posters for Monetcastasia's last show. I printing them on my Vandercook #4. The type for each color was set and printed one at a time, dig the sweet over prints. I wanted to do something graphicly interesting with just type, I think it was a relatively sucssesful expierement, either way, there really isn't a much better way to spend an afternoon then cranking out prints on the little Vandy!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

OK, here's some of the stuff that has kept me busy the past few months: I've done 3 letterpressed record jackets for the band ELEH on Important Records. Each are metallic ink on black. I forget how many of each, and which color combos each run was, but here's some pics I had kicking around.
I also did a ton of promo posters in a few sizes for OCEAN's "Pantheon of the Lesser" release. My arm was still broken then (oh ya, I broke my arm last fall) so Candy did a lot the actual printing, Thank you, friend!
I also did a couple of oversized posters for local Ocean shows. Dig the pics.
Around Christmas I did the annual Shopa Do sale at Space Gallery here in Portland, I shared a booth with Martha from Strong Arm Bindery, per usual. I got more stuff to post soon, so stayed tuned, friends!
Wow, it has been way too long since I "blogged" between finishing the new Ocean record, touring, moving my new Vandercook, reassembling the old one, and actually printing I have been left with very little time to sit in front of the computer. That said, I have worked on a bunch of cool projects over the past few months and will be posting pictures soon. Please check out Strong Arm's blog page to see pictures of the old Vandercook being brought back to life.