Friday, June 13, 2008

Friends Of The 43rd...

Over the past couple of weeks I've had the pleasure of working in the shop with two local artists/printers on a few of their screen printing projects.

My friend, Amos LeBlanc, came by to do a short run of gig posters for an upcoming Satellite Lot show.
I, unfortunatly forgot to get a picture of the finished piece, but they came out really good.
He did 4 layers of repeating geometric shapes in different colors, each slightly off set from the last, then over printed the text. The overprinted shapes made a really cool effect, and a damn fine posters. Nice work, my friend.
The week before I opened the shop up to Megan(sorry, I forgot her last name) who designed then printed a run of beautifully detailed 4 color wedding invites for some friends of hers, while I burnt screens, played records and drank beer.
One of my favorite things about the shop is getting to hang out with other artists, talk shop, and watch them do what they do. Dig the pictures, friends.

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